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Garden Offices Chester

Garden Offices Fitted for Your Home in Chester

We install beautiful garden offices for your home in Chester! Our services also cover the surrounding areas. If you want to own a high performance product, look no further than moreroom! Start your free online quote today!

No More Commuting

Commuting can take up a significant amount of your day. Get a state of the art garden office installed in your home today and work in complete comfort and relaxation. On average, people spend about an hour of their day commuting. This can add up and waste a lot of your valuable time!

Add Value to Your Property

Adding a garden office to your home in Chester can make your property worth more, creating a worthwhile investment for the future. If you ever decide to sell or rent out your property, a garden office can help with getting a better price.

Increased Privacy

A garden office can create an area for your Chester home that is more private than a room in your home. Working from home can mean Zoom calls happening more regularly. Having a place you can be alone when doing such activities can benefit you and your work.

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Various Design Options

Here at moreroom, you can pick whatever design and style you see fit for your home in Chester! We have excellent designers that can help you choose, or you can decide for yourself entirely.

Whether you want a contemporary or traditional look, we can accommodate your needs. Create the perfect garden office for you!

You can pick from a range of designs and styles with our online quoting engine!

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Boost Your Wellbeing

Our garden offices are designed with large glass panes, giving you a lovely view of your garden in Chester. Nature can be fantastic for your mental health, especially if you are experiencing a stressful day working. It is much better for you to enjoy the natural views of your garden for a break rather than scrolling through your phone.

The lack of distractions in a garden office can also have a positive benefit. There are no distractions like doing chores such as laundry or cleaning around the house because the garden office separates work and life.

Nature can also bring positivity to our day to day wellbeing, which can ease the pressures of work.

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High Security

Our garden offices are made from highly durable materials that will ensure they can withstand harsh conditions and intrusion attempts in the Chester area. Working with Ultraframe allows us to provide our customers with the most secure roofing and give your garden office the ultimate protection against tough weather conditions.

We also have REHAU windows, and doors fitted that come with multipoint locking systems to ensure your garden office is kept secure. They are fitted to prevent forced entry, to give you full peace of mind.

Moreover, your work equipment such as computers, laptops and tablets will be safe from harsh weather and intrusion attempts.

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Start Your Online Quote Today!

Get a free online quote today using our innovative online quoting engine. You can complete this on any device, start one today and get a bespoke quote for your garden office!

If you would like to discuss your Chester garden office with a member of our team, then please feel free to call us on 03333 44 77 97 or fill out our online contact form.


Do I Need Permission for a Garden Office?

Generally speaking, you won’t require planning permission or building regulation approval for a garden office. However, sometimes you will require this kind of approval.

For example, if you live in a listed building or a site of special scientific interest (SSSI), you will require planning permission – otherwise, mostly there should be no need for it. However, there are considerations for people living in conservation areas that affect where the office can be made in your garden.

How Much Value Does a Garden Office add?

Studies have shown that adding a garden office to your home can increase the value by 5% to 15%. However, this is not certain, and your home’s value would depend on various factors such as location, neighbourhood, home size, age, and the local market.

If you ever decide to sell or rent out your property, the factors mentioned would have a significant bearing, but a garden office can help with increasing value.

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