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Garden Rooms Chester

Stunning Garden Rooms in Chester

Create the perfect space for your home in Chester, and have a nice private area to relax in. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high performance products at competitive prices. Start a free online quote today, or contact us to learn more!

Long Lasting

Our garden rooms are built to last a lifetime. Using high quality materials means they’re built with longevity in mind. We obtain many parts from leading manufacturers such as Ultraframe, allowing us to create products of the highest standard.


There are different ways in which you can use your garden room. Make it into a home gym, bar, garden office, games room, wellness haven or whatever you please! They come in three designs to choose from: garden home offices, garden room extensions and insulated garden rooms. Pick the best design to fit your needs!

Quick and Easy Installation

A huge advantage of our garden rooms is their quick and simple installation. We can achieve this as many of our parts come pre-assembled from Ultraframe, allowing us to provide swift and efficient service. We’re experts when it comes to efficiency and speed. Depending on the design chosen, you could receive your garden room in just two weeks for your Chester home!

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Suited to all Property Types

It can be a concern for homeowners if your new installation doesn’t suit your Chester property. Here at moreroom, you don’t have to worry!

Our garden rooms are suited to any property, whether it’s a new build or traditional. Get it installed with roof lights or a solid roof, whatever matches your property best. You can also have it installed as a left hand corner, right hand corner or three walls.

The choices are extensive! Start your free online quote today to see what option is best for your home in Chester!

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Bring Your Family Together

Be the new host for family gatherings! An issue people have for hosting parties and family gatherings is the space. Adding a beautiful new garden room to your property would create the perfect area to have large get-togethers!

Whether you would like to host big parties or just a lovely place to have a Christmas dinner, a garden room is the solution for you. It is also perfect for those summer barbeques; sometimes, the sun can be a bit much, get the perfect spot to chill out in the shade.

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Attractive Designs

In addition to the vast number of benefits for garden rooms, our designs are also eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. The beautiful large glass panes make for excellent viewing from inside the garden room or out.

Whether it is our studio or pavilion design, they are both easy on the eye and make for an attractive addition to any property in Chester. You can pick whatever design and style suits your property best.

We have solutions for all kinds of properties and can create the perfect garden room for you and your family!

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You will never have to worry about poor weather ruining your time with our garden rooms. Our designs ensure that bad weather is kept at bay. Made with high quality materials and tight seals, it means no water can enter, and the glass panes are a barrier against ultraviolet rays.

In addition, the sturdiness and durability also ensures the weatherproofing quality of our garden rooms. They can endure the harshest of winds and rainfall.

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Garden Room Prices Chester

Get a free online quote today using our innovative online quoting engine! We will provide a quote tailored to your needs and requirements.

You can also contact our customer orientated and welcoming team to find out more. They will be more than happy to help with any query you may have.


Are Garden Rooms Worth it?

In our expert opinion, yes. They offer an extensive range of benefits that would be great for any home.

Depending on the build and installation quality, your property value can be increased, making it a fantastic long term investment.

What Makes a Good Garden Room?

Well, everything we have said on this page!

It is usually best to choose a garden room that is insulated everywhere – the floor, walls, and roof. Some do not provide this, and it significantly hinders the room’s performance.

Get your insulated garden room from us today, and you won’t be disappointed!

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