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Garden Rooms Glasgow

Beautiful Garden Rooms in Glasgow

Enhance the living space in your property and get the perfect garden room for your Glasgow home! We can efficiently build high-quality and high-performing garden rooms at a competitive price. Get a free online quote today, or feel free to contact us to discover more!

Additional Space

Installing a garden room can give you the additional living space you require for your house in Glasgow. The power is in your hands to decide what this new space becomes; the choices are endless! For example, your new garden room can be a garden office, a kids play area, mini library, gym, games room, outdoor kitchen, a bar or anything you desire!

All Year Round Use

Our garden rooms are created so that you can enjoy them no matter the weather. Having options such as insulated garden rooms help greatly with this! You can now get the most out of your garden room by using it whether it’s a lovely summers day or a brisk winter evening.

Fast and Simple Installation

We pride ourselves on speed and efficiency here at Moreroom. The way in which we achieve this is due to our parts coming pre-assembled from Ultraframe, our market leading supplier. Our lead times can be as little as two weeks, depending on the garden room design you choose. Get the swiftest installation for your home in Glasgow!

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Suited to Any Property

We can cater to any property type in Glasgow. Our garden rooms are versatile that will suit modern or traditional homes. The customisation available includes a studio or pavilion style that can have rooflights or a sold roof. Many options are available, and you can pick what suits your property best. We have solutions for all types!

Start a free and fast online quote today and get a perfect garden room for your home in Glasgow!

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Increased Privacy

Adding a garden room to your property can create a personal and private area for you to relax. If you want to enjoy your hobbies in peace, privacy is important. An outdoor building will truly separate you from your house and give you the privacy you want.

A garden room will also allow you to make more noise. If you want to have a party, watch a loud film, or listen to loud music, you will have more freedom to in a room that’s detached from your home.

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Add Value to Your Property

A garden room is a fantastic addition because it could add value to your home in Glasgow. Due to our rooms’ high quality and functionality, your property could see its value soar upwards.

Garden rooms are a great long term investment for any homeowner, and if you are ever looking to sell or rent your property, a garden room is a valuable addition.

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High Security

We ensure our garden rooms can withstand anything from break ins to poor weather conditions. They are designed with advanced security measures supplied by REHAU.

These include multi point locks on all doors and windows, ensuring no break ins can occur. If you’ve transformed your garden room into a garden office, you can leave your computer, laptop, and documents in there without having to worry about theft.

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Get a Free and Bespoke Online Quote Today!

Start your free online quote today and get a competitive price on any of our products!

We offer bespoke and accurate prices to ensure you get the best fit for your home.

You can also talk to a member of our expert team if you prefer, feel free to call us on 03333 44 77 97 or fill out our online contact form.


Does a Garden Room Require Planning Permission?

Mostly, there is no need for planning permission for garden rooms. They’re classed as outbuildings, so you’re allowed to build them if you are compliant with certain rules.

We are approved by JHAI and the LABC, so choosing us means you will not be waiting months for planning permission to be approved. We have competitive lead times that can be as little as two weeks. You can find out the ins and outs of planning permission here.

Can You Have a Toilet in a Garden Room?

Usually, the answer is yes. The main aspects of this would be whether it is feasible to have the correct supply of fresh water from the mains and then the exclusion of wastewater for your garden room.

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