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Garden room extensions

Garden room extensions for homes in Manchester & the North West

Garden room extensions installed in homes across Manchester and the North West. We cover Chester, Dumbartonshire, Wilmslow, Altrincham, the county of Cheshire and many of the surrounding areas. Our service also covers those in Scotland around Glasgow and West Dumbartonshire. Read more about our garden rooms below or start a free online quote.

  • Building regulation compliant
  • Hassle free installation
  • Thermally efficient

No lengthy planning process

Our garden room extensions adhere to building regulation requirements as standard. Independently assessed by JHAI and the LABC, you skip all the red tape with these garden rooms. We can commence the build as soon as the components arrive. There is no untimely delays or hassle.

Fast construction

Several components of our garden room extensions will be pre-constructed before we even arrive on-site. With this, the actual time we spend building your living space in your garden will be kept to the absolute minimum. This prevents too much disruption to you and your family’s daily life.

Accurate prices

Our garden room extensions are offered in pre-set sizes, making the quoting process straightforward. Better yet, we handle each stage of the design and build in-house, meaning there will be no additional fees in order to pay outside contractors. Our quotes are always comprehensive.

Garden Room Extension Prices Manchester

Versatile application

Garden room extensions can be used for a whole host of different purposes. It’s for this reason that they have boomed in popularity in the Manchester area in recent years. Being an entirely separated building from the rest of your home makes them great for working from home. You can do so with complete privacy, helping you work more productively.

Additionally, men and women alike have used these living spaces as garden man caves or home bars. They are great for socialising with friends, family or both. They also make for excellent home gyms, saving you from converting a garage or squashing the equipment into another room in the home. The possibilities are endless when you come to moreroom.

Garden Room Extension Designs Manchester

Great insulation

Regardless of the season, our garden room extensions will sit at an optimal, comfortable temperature. They are great at retaining heat during the colder months, with Ultraframe’s solid Livinroof achieving a U-value of just 0.16 W/m2K. This is around ten times more thermally efficient than the average double glazed window.

Even with the REHAU windows and doors closed, our garden room extensions allow excess warmth to escape. During summer, you don’t need to worry about a humid or stuffy environment. You can still work from home, exercise or relax in comfort. Simply open any windows, French doors or bifold doors to allow a cool breeze in when required.

Bespoke Garden Room Extension Prices Manchester

Long lasting use

When you come to moreroom, you can know that you’re making a great long term investment. Our garden room extensions are backed by a ten year guarantee, but will almost certainly perform to an excellent standard for much longer than that. They are manufactured with weatherproof, durable components which can withstand even the harshest conditions.

All windows and doors will be designed with modern hardware, be it heavy duty hinges or smooth close rollers. This ensures that the components in your garden room extension operate effortlessly for years to come. We’ll also only use high quality materials for any interior design work we undertake. No half measures are ever taken by the moreroom team.

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Start your quote

Getting a price for a new garden room extension couldn’t be easier. We have an online pricing tool right here on our website, which is completely free for you to use. Wherever you are based, be in Manchester or further afield, you can get started today on any device.

If you’d rather discuss your garden room renovation with a member of our team, get in touch. A member of our team will be all too happy to help. Leave your details on your online contact form, and we’ll call you as soon as we can.

Frequently asked questions

Are garden rooms better than conservatories?

For many reasons, yes. Garden rooms offer a fully disconnected social space, providing a defined environment for whatever application you’re after. Our garden room extensions come with shorter lead times than the average conservatory, and can also be built quicker.

How much do garden room extensions cost?

There is no ‘one prices fits all’ cost for a garden room extension. However, we offer accurate for the pre-set sizes we offer, via our online quoting engine. Get started today to receive your price.

What garden room extensions components do these use?

We work exclusively with Ultraframe for our garden room extensions service. We then complete the build with windows and doors fabricated using a REHAU profile. You get the best, wherever you live in relation to us in Manchester.

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