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Gorgeous garden rooms for homes in Altrincham

Add a gorgeous garden room to your Altrincham home with Moreroom’s range of high quality, high performance garden rooms. We install house extensions and garden rooms throughout Altrincham and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with our friendly, expert team today to get started on your next home improvement project.

  • Private space
  • Energy efficient designs
  • Complete weatherproofing

No lengthy planning process

Our highly insulated garden rooms can be installed into any Altrincham home on a very short lead time, with zero hassle and zero red tape. They’re already compliant with building and planning permission regulations thanks to their design, so getting a new garden room installed has never been easier! Depending on the design you choose, you could have a stunning new installation for your Altrincham home in as little as two weeks!

Fast construction

We use Ultraframe profiles because we only use the very best for our Altrincham customers. Many of the components we use come to us pre-assembled, meaning we can install them quickly and efficiently. This minimises the time we spend building your new space and get your home improvements completed faster.

Accurate prices

We strive to provide honest, transparent prices to our Altrincham customers because we don’t believe in hidden costs. The quote you receive from our online quoting engine will be accurate to what we charge, and we never outsource any part of our process to ensure that we have total control over the prices.

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A range of uses

As our garden rooms are fully insulated and separated off from the main house, these gorgeous extensions can be used for a seriously massive range of different uses, making them the perfect addition to any Altrincham property.

Whether you’re looking for a detached space for entertaining, a little hideaway for some time to yourself, or a home office or gym, thanks to our customisation options and quality designs, there’s a garden room for every Altrincham home!

Because they’re fully insulated, these garden spaces allow for year round usage, and with plumbing options, they can be customised to suit pretty much any need! You’ll be able to enjoy the privacy of a fully functional, totally separate room.

ultraframe garden room altrincham

Consistent comfort

Our insulated garden rooms are exceptional when it comes to keeping the heat in, no matter what time of year. Thanks to a solid Ultraframe roof, high performance double glazing, and insulating corner columns, they’ll stay warm with ease and without needing to splurge on excessive heating!

Our insulated rooms can even achieve U-values of as low as 0.16W/M2K, making them exceptionally thermally efficient. This is around ten times more energy efficient than the average uPVC window, which is pretty fantastic! The better the thermal efficiency, the less heating you need to use to keep a consistent and comfortable temperature, and the less heating you use, the better for everyone!

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Weatherproof design

The weather in Altrincham can be pretty changeable, to say the least. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your new garden room can stand up to whatever the weather has to throw at it. Whether it’s rain, wind or snow, it’ll be effectively kept outside. Thanks to our high tech weatherproofing, the only way bad weather will be getting in is if you leave the doors open!

Even better, it’s not just the weather that our garden rooms will keep out, it’s sound too, as they offer excellent soundproofing. Whether you’re using the space to work from home or as a home cinema, odds are you’d like a little peace and quiet whilst you’re in there. That’s why we design our garden rooms to effectively keep excess noise on the outside.

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Garden RoomPricesAltrincham

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to home improvements, head on over to our online quoting engine now for a free, bespoke garden room quote.

Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your project in more detail or find out more about what our garden rooms can do for your Altrincham home, get in touch with our friendly, expert team now.

Frequently asked questions

Should I replace my conservatory with an insulated garden room?

Should I replace my conservatory with an insulated garden room?

Our garden rooms vastly outperform conservatories in almost every way. But even better, they’re completely separate from the main house, so they provide a real sense of separation that’s perfect for home working or quiet reflection.

Is my new garden room guaranteed?

All of our garden rooms are fitted with Ultraframe roof systems, which are supported by a ten year guarantee as standard.

How much do garden rooms cost?

The price you’ll pay depends very much on the size and style of garden room that you’re looking for! For an accurate estimate, visit our online quoting engine to get a free quote tailored to your specifications.

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