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Insulated garden rooms

Insulated garden rooms for homes in Manchester & the North West

Based in Manchester, moreroom design and build insulated garden rooms for those across the North West. Our coverage area includes Wilmslow, Altrincham and Chester, and spans into Cheshire and the surrounding regions. Our service also covers those in Scotland around Glasgow and West Dumbartonshire. Start a garden room quote today for free.

  • Warm all year round
  • Secure design
  • Hassle free

No lengthy planning process

Our insulated garden rooms can be installed on short lead times, with no hassle or red tape. They are automatically compliant with building regulations and planning permission regulations. Depending on your chosen design, you could have a new garden room in just two weeks.

Fast construction

Many of the Ultraframe components used in our insulated garden rooms come pre-assembled upon arrival. This results in a hassle free, efficient installation for our in-house fitters. The time we need to spend constructing your new living space in your garden will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Accurate prices

No stage of our process is ever outsourced, meaning we have complete control over our prices. The quote you receive via our online tool will always be accurate to what you eventually pay. You need not ever worry about hidden fees. We are always transparent and comprehensive.

Insulated Garden Rooms Manchester & North West

A range of uses

Being insulated in the way they are, our garden rooms can be used for a whole host of difference purposes. They are great as garden home offices or garden man caves, providing a separate living space from the rest of your home. With that in mind, they are also great when used as home gyms. You can indulge in your passions in peace and privacy.

Insulating garden rooms provide a great social space to use in both summer and winter evenings. With options for both French and bifold doors, they can be seamlessly connected with your garden, while still providing better shelter than a veranda or pergola. In winter, you can close the doors and relax with friends, enjoying the outstanding thermal performance.

Insulated Garden Rooms North West

Consistent comfort

As their name would suggest, our insulated garden rooms are fantastic at trapping in heat. Even during the coldest winter evening, you can comfortably use your garden living space, without concerns of extortionate energy bills. They will sit at a stable temperature through the use of insulating corner column and double glazing.

The solid Ultraframe roof achieves U-values of just 0.16 W/m2K. For context, this is around ten times more energy efficient than the average uPVC window. They help to maintain a stable, consistent temperature that allows you to enjoy your insulated garden room in comfort. During summer, ventilation systems ensure they also never become too stuffy.

Garden Room Extensions Manchester & North West

Weatherproof design

Our insulated garden rooms deliver an outstanding degree of weatherproofing. Innovative measures are fitted through the build to ensure that it performs in all elements. Come rain, snow or the harshest winds, your garden room will stand durable and resolute. You should never need to concern yourself with damp, leaking, rotting or mould.

Equally, excellent soundproofing properties are another benefit of our insulated garden rooms. While you and your possessions will be protected from harsh weather, you also won’t be disturbed by it. Whether you’re working from home, entertaining guests or exercising, you can do so without the horrible sound of whistling wind or loud raindrops.

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Start your quote

Use our free online quoting engine to get a garden room price on any device. Wherever you are based in Manchester or the North West, you can get a quote for your desired home renovations. Get started today to take the first step towards your dream insulated garden room.

To discuss your project with a member of the moreroom team, get in touch. Submit your contact details and some information about your desired garden room via our online form, and we’ll be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently asked questions

Should I replace my conservatory with an insulated garden room?

Our insulated garden rooms outperform older conservatories in almost every facet. Better yet, they are much better as home office, gyms or man caves than any style of conservatory is.

Are these garden rooms guaranteed?

All Ultraframe roof systems are supported by a ten year guarantee as standard. This includes the solid Livinroof which comes fitted to our insulated garden rooms.

How much do insulated garden rooms cost?

The price of your insulated garden room will differ greatly depending on the size and style you opt for. As a result, it’s best to get a free online quote, rather than be providing with a vague average!

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