All you Need to Know About Before Building a House Extension


All you Need to Know About Before Building a House Extension


One of the most important things to consider before starting a project such as a house extension is the budget you have. This is to ensure time isn’t wasted on tasks such as designing and discussing specific requirements for your house extension.

If you know your budget, you can make an educated decision from the start if you can afford a house extension.

An important thing to remember when considering cost is VAT. You should bear in mind that your spending power will be reduced by about 1/6th of your budget. VAT is charged on all materials, building control, and installation fees.

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How long will a house extension take?

For smaller extensions, it could take about three to four months; for larger projects, it may take six months or more. However, additional requirements such as getting planning permission can delay the construction process.

You should also be prepared for other factors such as bad weather. This could delay your project as working on house extensions in some weather conditions isn’t feasible.

If you are planning on extending your home, time is an important consideration as you need to be aware of how long a project such as a house extension will take.

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No matter what size house extension you want, the correct space will be required around the area of your property you wish to extend.

Firstly, you should determine the purpose of your new house extension. Knowing this can help you significantly in terms of deciding if you have enough space. For example, there could be a difference in size if you want just a home office or a new bedroom.

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Planning Permission

You may or may not need planning permission for your house extension. Planning permission depends on what you will use your house extension for, for example, if you want a bedroom, kitchen or living room, you could require planning permission. However, for a study, conservatory, orangery, or a home gym, you may not need it but there are still certain criteria to meet. They can be found here.

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Consider the impact your new home extension could have on your neighbours, particularly if the extension is making substantial changes to your property.

If planning permission is required, the local planning authority will consult with your neighbours. Even if you don’t need planning permission, let your neighbours know anyway as a courtesy.

The best thing to do would be to tell your neighbours from before informally and see if they have any issue with it. Having a good relationship with your neighbours can be very beneficial if you want a house extension, they can make the process very easy and hassle free.

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Don’t forget about your boiler! A larger home means your current boiler may not have the capacity to operate for the extended area.

When building a home extension, it is common to assume that the current boiler can heat their new area along with their existing home. However, boilers only supply a limited amount of heat. Therefore, with your house extension, it may mean you need to upgrade your boiler. This should be calculated into your budget if an upgrade to your boiler is required.

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  • Know your budget
  • Consider time
  • Take into account space needed
  • Consider your neighbours
  • Have the right boiler
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