Are House Extensions Energy Efficient?


Are House Extensions Energy Efficient?

It’s no secret that here in the UK, at the moment, we’re going through a cost of living crisis. With fuel and energy bills rising ever higher, people are looking for ways to save money. One question people are asking is, are house extensions energy efficient? In this article, we’ll tackle this question and help you decide whether now is the right time to add space to your property.

Energy Efficient Extension

Firstly, What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency measures how much energy, generally in the form of heat, is lost from your property. It’s a term you hear a lot when looking for home improvements and can have a big impact on your home comfort and cost efficiency. When it comes to conservatories, extensions and garden rooms, it’s particularly important.

Why do You Want Energy Efficiency?

You’ll want to find products that are thermally or energy efficient whenever you look for home improvements. With greater thermal efficiency, products such as a new house extension will keep heat inside the property for longer. This is particularly important in the winter months. With greater thermal efficiency, you will have less reliance on central heating which has the knock on effect of lowering your bills.

If your home isn’t energy efficient, there are two immediate effects. First of all, in winter, you will generally find your property a chillier, less cosy environment, which can be uncomfortable. Secondly, to compensate for this, you’ll have to use greater amounts of energy for heating. As a result, you’ll have to pay more for your energy bills to account for what’s needed to heat your home.

So, are House Extensions Energy Efficiency?

With the right materials and proper fitting, your house extension can provide a fantastic level of energy efficiency. Extensions, like houses, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Modern extensions tend to use tiled or solid roofs as these provide the greatest thermal retention. These include the Ultraroof from Ultraframe. With these kinds of roofs, you can achieve energy ratings as low as 0.13 W/m2K.

With such a great level of thermal efficiency, you’ll have a comfortable and cosy space that you can use all year round. Being thermally efficient also means you can use your house extension for virtually any application. Need a new work from home office space? Or fancy getting fit in your own home gym? The possibilities are endless when you have an energy efficient house extension.

Thermally Efficient House Extension

What if They Overheat?

Thankfully, energy efficiency works both ways. Not only does it keep a toasty environment in winter, but it’ll keep excess heat out in summer. As a result, you have a space that you can use all year round, no matter the weather.


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